5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

25 February 2015
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With all of the excitement involved in planning your wedding, it can be easy to overlook some of the finer details of choosing a location. Here are five tips to help you find a wedding venue or wedding hall as close to perfect as possible.

Match the Decor With Your Theme

The color scheme for your wedding is likely one of the first things you chose. It can be just as important to make sure the venue itself matches these colors as well. If the carpet and chairs clash with the colors you have chosen, it can easily ruin the theme you strived so hard to create. While you may not be able to find a venue matching your theme exactly, you can easily avoid the problem of clashing colors by finding one with a neutral palette.

Date Vs. Location

If you are intending to have your anniversary coincide with the day you met or another significant date, the day of your wedding is probably already set in stone. However, you should consider the more flexible your wedding date is, the more likely it is you will be able to book the venue of your dreams. It comes down to choosing whether date or location is more important for your special occasion.

Communicate and Compromise

Both partners will have an ideal vision for the wedding day, and these visions will almost never coincide in every way. When it comes to smaller details like food and drink or decoration, it is often easy to find an agreeable middleground. Choosing a venue, on the other hand, can be a matter of debate lasting for weeks or months. You should be sure you and your partner are in complete agreement about the location of the wedding before going through with the ceremony.

A good way to find a venue to satisfy both of you is to narrow it down feature by feature. Start with broad categories like indoors or outdoors, city or country setting, and gradually work down to specific details. When you realize you are both in agreement about the most important features, it will be much easier to make concessions about the smaller details.

Determine Your Privacy Requirements

If you are having your wedding in a public place like a beach or a park, you should expect the occasional passerby to watch and smile, or even to stop in and wish you the best. While these are friendly gestures, some people simply prefer a private wedding involving only friends and family. Even indoor locations like hotels will have guests that may like to step in for the celebration.

The best way to ensure privacy for your special occasion is to buy out a private venue with security at the door. Restaurants are often excellent for this, as many offer wedding packages that allow you to reserve the entire venue for the evening so you can enjoy your wedding with only the people that you are close to.

Don't Forget the Guests!

Almost every venue will seem spacious on the inside until it begins filling up with tables, chairs, guests, and a stage for the band. The size of your guest list should be one of the first things on your mind when you are choosing a venue. Additionally, you should consider how convenient it will be for your guests to travel to the venue. The shorter the drive to the venue is for your guests, the more you can expect to welcome at the ceremony.

Deciding where you will have your wedding can be one of the most complicated parts of planning it. Keep these tips in mind when you are choosing a wedding venue and you will find that your wedding planning is just a bit simpler.