Choosing The Right Instructor For Your Child's Music Lessons

26 February 2018
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The study of music is not for everyone but for children that have an interest playing an instrument, picking an instrument and setting up lessons is a great way to start. If they are not sure what they want to play, it might take a little time to settle on one instrument. Starting with general music classes is fine until they make their choice, but after your child has picked one instrument to focus it, general music classes won't give them what they need.

 Private Classes or One-on-One Training

There are advantages to both classes and individual music lessons but remember that the best fit is going to depend on how your child best learns. For students just getting started, instruction is often a lot of repetitive work to build the basic skills and learning to read the music. Building the base is important so be sure to check with the teacher and see how your student is progressing along the way. As they start to build their skills, moving your child into private instruction is the best way to insure they get the one on one training that they need.

Finding An Instructor

Finding an instructor to work with your child is not too difficult. One of the best places to find one is at the local music store. Often the folks that work there are instructors as well or know some of the local instructors. They can often give you a recommendation and sometimes contact information for the instructor. Another place to look for information is the school in your area. The music teachers in the public schools will sometimes offer private lessons after school or again, may know some local instructors that they can give you information about. If neither of those sources can help, you can look online for music teachers in the area, but if you do not know someone who has had classes with an instructor you find online, you should check them out and ask for references to make sure they are on the up and up.

Paying The Price For Private Lessons

Paying for private lessons for your budding musician can be a struggle but if they really want to learn and become proficient, the attention and push they get from a private instructor can make the cost worth it. It is harder for a child that is learning an instrument to get away with not practicing or taking the work seriously when they work with a private instructor. The instructor will be able to tell if they are not serious and can relay that to you before getting too far into the lessons. And for kids that are serious, the instructor can give them challenges that will be better tailored to their needs, making them a better musician for it.

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