Outcomes Of Taking Anti-Racism Training

26 October 2022
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

If you own or manage a local company, it's important to always be thinking about ways to improve the environment in which you and your employees work. There are all sorts of useful courses that you can take, including anti-racism training. This type of training has become increasingly popular in recent years, and you can arrange for an instructor to visit your workplace or complete your training virtually. Here are some positive outcomes that you'll likely experience as a result of taking anti-racism training.

Identify Racism

Taking an anti-racism course will help you to identify examples of racism. You can probably think of different forms of overt racism off the top of your head, but you might not be aware of some subtle forms of racism that can often occur. The first step toward creating an inclusive environment is to be able to identify racism. For example, you might hear an employee make a remark that you wouldn't have previously seen as racist, but that you now know has subtle racist overtones.

Deal With Issues Properly

An anti-racism training course will also help you to deal with issues of racism in a proper manner. Once you've identified racism at your place of work, you need to take action. Ignoring racism and hoping that it goes away is being complicit, which isn't what you want if you're interested in creating an inclusive environment. There are all sorts of ways to deal with issues of racism. If an incident is overt, such as an employee using an ethnic slur, you'll have to discipline the employee in a manner that is suitable. In the case of other incidents, education can be valuable. For example, you can sit down with someone who has used an offensive term and explain why the term is offensive, how it may make others feel, and why they should not use it again.

Consider Your Hiring Practices

You'll also learn how to create an inclusive workplace. There are many different ways to achieve this goal. For example, you might want to make it a priority to hire more people from different ethnic backgrounds, as this can give your company a multicultural feel that benefits everyone. In addition to hiring people of different ethnic backgrounds to make up your workforce, you might also strive to choose people of different backgrounds for management positions. To find an anti-racism training course to take, talk to a class provider, such as Reconciliation Education.